How breathwork, fun, and cold rivers can be the ultimate life elixir for you

You will discover it during the Wim Hof Poland expedition | 1-6 December 2022
with Bart Pronk, Aodhnait Lombard & Daniel Barea

Hi Iceking/queen,

I always get the question after a workshop. Are you going to Poland this year? Very honestly because of my full schedule and my busy family life I often had to say no.
But this year I was able to schedule a 5-day trip to Poland for you.
The place where it all started for me.

This week is for you if you want to go out, explore, feel stronger, healthier en more in tune with yourself as a result.

Life should be fun and not stressful right?

We work too hard to still not have the feeling of truly connecting, with ourselves, others and nature. Nobody should have to feel this way. There is more for you to discover. (even if you think you have done it all)


Spend five days immersed in a winter wonderland with us, away from distraction, to explore the limits of your body through the power of your mind.  We created this magical tailor-made week full of surprises where you can learn how:

  • You can control your feelings, and you don't have to spend as much time in your head

  • You turn resistance into surrender. Which can be useful in a cold river :)

  • You deal with change and adapt to every situation very quickly. A quote you will hear a lot during the trip is "expect the unexpected"

  • You learn to refine the basic WHM breathing techniques and we take you one step further into your own depts with WHM Power Breathing. This will blow your mind :)

  • You will learn how to integrate the techniques into your daily life, without necessarily having to develop a habit.

  • You will learn new more advanced techniques that will exceed your expectations. (eg. power breathing, brown fat activation, and more)

  • You learn how to work powerfully on your mental and physical health

  • Discover how the child in you has room to play and have fun again, and that will definitely gonna happen :).

In short, you learn to apply all WHM techniques and insights in practice. You will go home with new insights, friends, and unique memorable stories to share with your family and friends.

If you feel this is the right moment for you to take the next step in your life then you are most welcome to join us.

Short Briefing

  • 5-days in the original Wim Hof village in Poland
  • 3 experienced Wim Hof Instructors
  • Two level 2 WHM instructor assistants
  • Learn all in and outs of the Wim Hof Method
  • Connect with people from all corners of the Globe
  • Small group so full attention
  • Incl. Airport Transport/Hotel
  • incl. Hotel +3 awesome meals a day
  • Investement 1899 euro
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    Why is this event so Unique compared to others?

    • A small group so you get all the attention and get to know others well.

    • Because of this small group, the learning curve is way faster. 

    • You are supervised 3 highly experienced instructors (highest attainable level), who both teach other Wim Hof Instructors from the WHM Academy. With 21 sadsfyears of experience together, you are in good hands and you will gain a lot of deep insights from practice in a short time.

    • Daily enough time for one-on-one coaching/chats with one of the Trainers.

    • Since we have a relatively small group, we are also able to take you on the famous Snieszka Mountain*

    Facilities Hotel

    nullYou will get a full schedule of Wim Hof Method activities - including daily breath-work, cold exposure, and mindset coaching led by highly experienced instructors. Also included are airport transfers, hotel full-board accommodation, plus a few surprises we're keeping up our sleeves for now!

  • The hotel is located in the raw Polish Mountains
  • Spacious 2-4 person rooms
  • Saunas
  • Jacuzzi
  • Super nice staff
  • Amazing Food
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    logo Wim hof instructeur

    The Trainers at your service

    Bart Scholtissen en Bart Pronk Wim Hof Instructeurs

    Bart Pronk

    Twelve years ago, Bart began his journey with the Wim Hof Method and has been collaborating closely with "the Iceman" since 2012. He's toured the globe for years, training thousands in the transformative technique through events, workshops, and expeditions. Not only has he scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro three times—each time in just a pair of shorts—he has also successfully led over 30 expeditions, guiding groups of up to 80 people to the peaks of the Polish mountains.

    Aodhnait Lombard

    Aodhnait Lombard is a good friend and a highly experienced instructor with a degree in Neuroscience, an expert in athletic performance, biomechanics, and mind/body connection. She’s pure fire and is going to help bring this experience to a whole new level! I have had the pleasure of collaborating with her on several other events, and we’ve been itching to get more dates on the calendar ever since.

    Daniel Barea

    Daniel Barea who is a good friend and a highly experienced instructor and Behavioural Analist. He’s fascinated by all things behavioral, meditation & finding new ways to challenge previously held beliefs.

    What can you expect? What are the themes of this week?

    Groepsfoto polen wim hof groep

    Daily Activities

    The days will feel like an active vacation. Between the breathing sessions, walks and cold and mindset exercises in nature there are plenty of moments to relax and chat with the group in, for example, the sauna.

    groepsfoto ijskoude rivier polen

    No program-program

    We have a no-program program, so you can focus on the experience, without thinking about times, schedules and agendas. Get out of your head, into your body. We secretly have a program in the background.

    Groep ligt in de sneeuw in Polen

    Prepare for Everything / Expect the Unexpected

    In line with the no-program program, this theme is intended to train your control needs, patience and flexibility. Dealing with change is only possible if you do not know what is going to happen. No worries we don't let you do things you don't want or can do.
    knuffelende mannen

    Connect with yourself, others and nature

    One of the most beautiful and perhaps the main themes of the week. It's bizarre to see a group come together during and after such a week in Poland. After 11 years I have seen many groups pass by, but there is always special magic on an individual but also on a group level. My Poland WhatsApp groups are still red hot every day after all these years :) It's a bit like your first week at school. Friends for life.
    man gaat in ijswak polen

    Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

    This week you will learn how to turn resistance into relaxation. Practicing this in practice (nature) makes it easier to integrate this into your daily life where everything always comes at you.

    Je leert dat je met de juiste mindset letterlijk alle bergen aan kunt

    Climb your own Mountain| You can do more than you think you can

    You learn that with the right mindset you can climb your own mountain, even if it is not always easy. Let go and trust the process. Step by step. To put the metaphor into practice, we will go up a real mountain together in the final of the week. In shorts. Yes, you can!

    100% Guaranty on a unique experience

    We provide a safe and trusted place so that you can completely surrender to the experiences that will enrich your life 100%. That's not a false promise.

    I dare to put my hands in the ice bath for that :)

    Question and Answers

    Do I have to prepare for this trip

    You don't have to prepare specifically. We do expect some form of basic fitness. And it certainly doesn't hurt to start with a cold shower, so that your body is prepared for what is to come.

    What is the entry level?

    This trip is for beginners and more advanced Hoffers. The material and the exercises we do are interesting for every level to look for depth. We ensure that you become familiar with the exercises and that you can perform them in a safe manner.

    What will be the spoken language

    Because people come from all corners of the world, the main language is English.

    With a basic knowledge of English, you can come a long way .
    we have a small group so there is enough time to explain things multiple times.

    How do I get there in Poland?

    We organize a shuttle bus from Prague Airport, where we pick up everyone who is going to fly (the 14th end of the afternoon) and bring them back (the 20th early in the morning). The bus journey from Prague airport to the location takes about 3 hours. If you come by car, we will give you the address of the destination. From Amsterdam, it is about 9-10 travel by car.

    When can i get a refund?

    Yes you can cancel and get a refund on the following conditions

    With an urgent reason, you will receive a 100% return up to 6weeks before the event. You will receive 50% return within 3 weeks. 0% within 2 weeks.

    The percentages are based on the booking of bus, hotel, and food. We pay the hotel all costs in advance and if we do not implement the spots, we have to pay this out of our own pocket.

    *If your spot can still be replaced, you will receive the full 100% return.

    man in ijsbad sessie testimonial

    Bart is a great teacher. He keeps it simple and fun, but as a student you feel he knows every little detail. That builds lots of trust.


    Will I see you in Poland? Then sign up now. Limited number of places


    Join us on this 5-day advanture in Poland with a great group of people.
    Now for  € 1899 euros
    All-in-price (training, airport transfer, hotel + meals)

    Bart and Daniel were just the best choice I could have made, small group made it a beautiful team experience and their focus on us as participants was calming and professional. they were conducting the training in a slightly different way still focusing on the same methods and aim what made it quite unique and valuable as a show of different approaches to rich the same goals in WHM, I loved it, I can't imagine it with a group bigger than 15-25 per 2 trainers without losing some quality of the training and connection with the teachers so I think I was very lucky.
    thank You guys
    Adam Pióro, Poland
    I am so glad that I attended this workshop. Bart was a fantastic instructor and a great group leader. Ian was an awesome addition to the whole experience. And the group overall was a blast. Looking forward to continuing my practice and to introducing more and more people to the method.
    Ethan Geft, USA
    It was amazing to see a group of people, coming from so many countries, have a click in short time, in what they are about to do.
    Thanks to the instructors making this possible.
    Ad Gravemaker, Netherlands

    Do I see you in Poland?